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Powderpost Beetle Elimination In Rhode Island

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Effective & Hassle-Free Powderpost Beetle Elimination

Powderpost beetles are wood-destroyers. Specifically, they damage seasoned wood used to build houses and furniture. Their name comes from the fine, flour-like powder the larvae turn wood into. Like termites and other wood-destroying pests, powderpost beetles can cause dangerous damage to a home’s structure, making it unsafe for the people that live there. Fortunately, if you are a local resident, you can get effective and hassle-free powderpost beetle elimination from our expert team at Encon, LLC.

How We Can Help With Powderpost Beetles

powderpost beetle damage

The most common way powderpost beetles get into a home is by entering the lumber used to build it during the storing and curing process. Only later will they emerge and start to damage the wood. These pests are also attracted to wood that contains high moisture, so older buildings, especially outbuildings like sheds, are common places for them to infest. But, powderpost beetles won’t only go after damaged or dead wood but also the new lumber you purchase.

What makes these pests worse is they can live inside the wood for up to five years before the larvae turn into adults, going unnoticed the whole time they are doing damage.

Our Step-By-Step Powderpost Beetle Elimination Process

We always look for signs of wood-destroying pests during the initial inspection with our residential pest control process. So whether you call for specific services for powderpost beetles or not, we have you covered.

At Encon, our powderpost beetle treatment consists of liquid products and Tim-Bor. Tim-Bor is a green product that is non-toxic and safe for humans, so you can receive the necessary pest control services while still feeling safe in your home. We will apply three applications to the affected area on the same day, providing quick and effective results.

Our powderpost beetle treatment comes with a three-year warranty, so you are always protected against these pests. If you want to learn more about our powderpost beetle control service in Worcester, MA, and surrounding areas, contact us today at Encon.

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