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Everything You Need To Know About Ants In Providence

ants on a piece of bread

Finding ants in your Providence home is often a nightmare. These tiny pests seem to appear out of nowhere and always discover a way to invade your residential property, no matter what you do to stop them. In this article, we’ll describe the many types of ants in our area and a few naturally effective ways to prevent them from infesting your home.

At Encon LLC, we’re committed to finding the right pest management plan for your home and family. We work hard to eliminate the source of pest problems rather than just treat the symptoms. Don’t wait for ants or other pests to invade your residential property. Instead, partner with Encon LLC today for high-quality pest control in Providence that you can rely on.

Quick Identification Guide For Providence Ants

Different species of ants cause different problems when they enter residential properties. We’ve created this guide to help you determine which ants have gotten into your home; look for: 

  • Odorous house ants are small, black insects that emit a smell similar to rotten coconuts when crushed.
  • Carpenter ants are the largest species to invade homes and are known for damaging wooden materials.
  • Pavement ants are brown to black in color and are most commonly found building their nests in the cracks of sidewalks or next to driveways. 

No matter what species of ants have gotten into your home, our technicians from Encon LLC can help remove them. Reach out to us today for details about our ant treatments.

The Problems An Ant Infestation Can Cause For Your Family

Ants are considered nuisance pests, as they generally don’t cause a lot of harm to people or property. However, there are some instances where ant infestations can lead to more serious problems for your family. Some ant species can damage your property by creating large networks of tunnels and nesting galleries within the wood of your home. Other ants may carry bacteria into your home that can make you sick.

No matter what problems ants cause, you count on Encon LLC to solve them. At Encon LLC, we provide effective ant control services to keep Providence properties free of ants throughout the entire year.

Five Naturally Effective Ant Prevention Tips

One way to avoid finding ants in your home is to remove factors that may initially attract them. Keep ants away from your property with these five ant prevention tips:

  1. Address moisture problems in your home.
  2. Immediately clean up food and drink spills when they occur. 
  3. Seal cracks and crevices around the exterior of your home.
  4. Dispose of garbage regularly and keep your sink free of dirty dishes. 
  5. Store food items in sealed, airtight containers or in your refrigerator.

If ants invade your property despite your efforts to avoid them, your next best option is to contact Encon LLC for ongoing ant control services. 

Total Ant Control For Providence Residents

Ants are some of the most common pests found within homes and businesses throughout Providence. They get indoors while searching for food and cause many problems in the process. Implementing professional ant control solutions is the most effective way to eliminate an active ant infestation and prevent them from invading your property in the future.

At Encon LLC, we’re committed to providing just that. By utilizing comprehensive treatment methods and proven control techniques, we protect property owners from the area’s toughest pest threats. With our technicians on the job, you can rest assured that your ant problems will be solved in no time. Contact Encon LLC today for more details about how we get rid of ants.