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Little Compton, RI Pest Control

Pest Control In Little Compton, RI

The Plymouth Colony incorporated Little Compton in 1682, making it one of the oldest towns in the United States. This quiet coastal peninsula borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Sakonnet River, featuring vineyards, lighthouses, and several walking trails. Its location along the coast provides water activities in warm weather and several family-owned restaurants. There's plenty to love about living and working in Little Compton.

Various pests also call Little Compton home and can cause problems for residents. When these animals enter properties, they can damage lawns, gardens, and belongings if they get inside. Prevention steps can help to avoid an infestation, but you'll need professional assistance once they get onto your property.

Encon provides expert pest control in Little Compton. We have the tools and knowledge to eliminate infestations and prevent future problems.

Residential Pest Control In Little Compton

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Pests can cause various problems for your Little Compton home, causing damage and presenting health risks. In addition to spreading illnesses, they can create unsanitary conditions, resulting in further health concerns. Professional pest control companies can eliminate infestations and protect your family.

When you contact Encon to solve your pest problems, we start by providing a free quote over the phone. This initial contact enables you to explain why you need our help. After scheduling a visit, we'll inspect your property to find pests and determine vulnerable parts of your house. We customize our treatments to your needs, ensuring you get the best protection.

Pests can hide throughout your house and find hiding places you're unaware exist. Our recurring home pest control services in Little Compton provide year-round protection. Call us today to learn how we can protect your residence.

Commercial Pest Control In Little Compton

Pests can create numerous problems when they infest a business. They can tear up landscaping, damage inventory, and scare potential customers away. In addition to the cost of repairs, pests can impact your revenue.

Encon knows the common problems caused by pests in businesses and commercial facilities. Our service begins by carefully inspecting your property to discover potential entry points and hiding places. We'll provide you with our findings and make recommendations to avoid future problems.

We can also set up a follow-up schedule to provide further protection from these unwanted visitors. We offer biweekly, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, and quarterly visits to protect your facility year-round. Contact us to learn more about our commercial pest control services in Little Compton.

Five No-Nonsense Tick Prevention Tips For Around Your Little Compton Yard

Ticks are a common sight around Rhode Island, presenting potential problems for residents and their pets. Lone star and American dog ticks are the two species that bite animals and people in this area. While lone star ticks can't survive inside buildings, both species can spread illnesses when they invade yards.

These creatures usually get carried onto properties by wild animals. They hide in tall grasses and jump on pets for a ride into structures. The best way to avoid tick bites is to deter them from entering your property. Some easy tick-prevention tips for your Little Compton yard include:

  1. Cut your grass short.
  2. Remove debris or overgrown vegetation from your yard.
  3. Construct a fence to keep wild animals away from your property.
  4. Provide year-round tick medication for your pets.
  5. Wear long sleeves, pants, and tick repellant when outside.

If ticks find a way into your yard, Encon is here to help. Our Little Compton tick elimination program includes the safest and most effective products to rid your property of these pests. While these tools eliminate at least 90% of an infestation, we'll take further steps to increase that percentage. Call us if you're concerned about ticks in your Little Compton yard.

Wildlife Control Made Easy For Little Compton Homeowners

Wild animals begin causing problems immediately upon entering Little Compton properties. They can damage landscaping, dig through trash, and spread illnesses when they get into your home. They might look cute, but these animals can be aggressive if they feel threatened. As a result, you should avoid getting close to them and call professional wildlife removal to handle an infestation.

The best way to avoid damage from wildlife is to deter them from getting onto your property. Some tips to keep wild animals away from your Little Compton home include:

  • Seal trash cans with tight-fitting lids
  • Close potential entry points around doors, windows, and chimneys
  • Remove fruit or food debris in your yard
  • Move pet food and water inside
  • Cut tree branches away from your roof

These tips will help to keep wildlife off your property, but they won't stop all animals. We train our Encon technicians to quickly and humanely trap and remove wild animals from Little Compton properties. We use one-way doors to keep them from reentering and seal entry points to avoid future invasions. Call us today if you need to get wildlife away from your home with our effective wildlife management services in Little Compton.

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