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East Providence, RI Pest Control

Quality Pest Control In East Providence, RI

The city of East Providence is a rapidly growing suburb that offers working professionals and families so much. There are quaint neighborhoods, country clubs, good schools, walking trails, bike paths, renowned eateries, wineries, scenic views of the Seekonk River, and a summer concert series. With access to multiple highways, getting to Boston, Cape Cod, and Providence are all easy trips. But with New England seasons and a large population come pest problems throughout the year.

At Encon, we have been providing quality Providence County pest control since 2006. As a locally-owned, locally-operated business, we are committed to serving our neighbors with care and integrity. We stay up-to-date on the latest methods and products, every treatment we apply is safe for people and pets, and we guarantee all of our work. When you work with our highly-trained team, you will be in the hands of experts. For more information on our pest control offerings and to schedule your initial inspection, please contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In East Providence

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Your East Providence home experiences a change of seasons that you might find charming but that also leaves you exposed to pest problems throughout the year. At Encon, we are a family-owned and -operated business that has been working with local homeowners since 2006. We are focused on being trustworthy, reliable, and affordable so that you never have to question whether professional help is right for you. This also means that we will always treat your home as if it were our own, so we never compromise on quality.

Our process always begins with a detailed property inspection and while we customize every treatment that we implement, some of the services that we provide include applying liquid perimeter, setting rodent bait stations, and treating rooflines. We offer recurring services if you desire them, which work to provide ongoing protection from pests. For more information on our residential pest control offerings and to receive your free, no-obligation estimate, please contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In East Providence

At Encon, we are committed to providing your East Providence business with exceptional pest control that will withstand seasonal conditions and comply with your industry standards. We have been serving the greater community since 2006 and during this time, we’ve created a streamlined approach to pest control that provides maximum protection and lasting coverage. We start with a comprehensive property inspection where our skilled technicians look for hot spots, entry points, and problem conditions. This includes looking at both the interior and exterior of your building as well as landscaping. After this step, we’ll have an in-depth conversation about our findings and discuss your options for treatment. The plan that we present will be fully customized to your needs as well as industry regulations. We’ll also set up a maintenance schedule so that we can keep pests off of your property on an ongoing basis. For more information on our commercial pest control offerings, please contact us today. 

What Not To Do If You Spot Signs Of Termites Around Your East Providence Property

Each year, termites are responsible for approximately 5 billion dollars in damage to homes across the country. East Providence homes just like yours can attract termites simply by existing, as termites are attracted to the presence of wood. Once they’ve located a home, shed, or other structure, they begin to build a colony that can range from a few thousand to a few million members depending on the species. Because they eat away at wood, the damage that they are capable of is extensive. It can range anywhere from peeling paint and wallpaper to decimated foundations. This is why the worst thing you can do if you suspect the presence of termites is to ignore them.

At Encon, we make sure that homeowners have access to quality and affordable termite elimination services that also prevent future issues from taking place. Our treatments are developed based on the species of termite you’re dealing with and we won’t stop until they’re completely eliminated. For more information on these services, contact us today.

Four Easy Yet Effective Tick Prevention Tips For East Providence Property Owners

Tick season in East Providence is in full bloom, which means that potential danger lurks in the city’s parks and backyards. In order to prevent tick-related issues, try these four key tips:

  1. Speak with a vet. For people with cats or dogs, speak with a vet about yearly flea and tick control, always inspect pets after they’ve been outdoors, and limit their contact with unknown animals. 
  2. Tend to landscaping. Ticks thrive in dark and damp areas so it’s important to scale back trees and hedges to expose sunlight, remove leaf piles, avoid overwatering plants, and mow the lawn to a short height routinely. 
  3. Limit wildlife. Pests like rodents, deer, and skunks are all capable of spreading ticks so keep them away by using motion sensor lawn items and storing trash securely. 
  4. Seek professional help. The best way to avoid ticks is with seasonal tick control that addresses landscaping and provides education.

For reliable tick prevention on a seasonal basis, contact Encon today.  

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