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Coventry, RI Pest Control

Pest Control In Coventry, RI

Located in Kent County, Rhode Island, Coventry is a suburb of the sprawling Providence-Cranston-Warwick metropolitan area. Coventry is famous for its more rural feel, surrounded by New England woodlands and charming colonial architecture. But any communities that rest where urban sprawl meets natural spaces can be at higher risk for pest infestations. Local property owners need to be proactive if they are going to avoid pest infestations and keep their homes or businesses protected. Learn how to get started on primary pest control around your property and why it’s essential to turn to experts for assistance. 

Residential Pest Control In Coventry

coventry ri pest control

Most people take a wait-and-see approach when it comes to pest control. It’s easy to assume that they must not be there just because you can’t see pests crawling around. But pest infestations tend to be unassuming until they have grown so large that they are noticeable. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t still causing problems in the meantime. Pest infestations also tend to form outdoors and then move inside. This is why a genuinely comprehensive pest control plan considers all of these factors. Here’s why the residential pest control service from Encon is the best approach: 

  • Exterior Treatment: Our exterior treatments deal with pest problems before they can move inside your home. It includes treatment of your exterior walls, foundation, and yard perimeter.
  • Interior Treatment: If necessary, we apply treatments and baits inside to address pest populations that have already invaded. 
  • Specialty Treatments: When a specific infestation calls for a specialized approach, we apply the right services to address the problem. Our specialty treatments include rodent traps and other targeted methods if needed. 

Keep rodents out of your Coventry home entirely by turning to the pest experts at Encon today.

Commercial Pest Control In Coventry

Running a local business can be rewarding but challenging. It’s especially difficult for general maintenance and upkeep, especially because these things require you to keep your property safe from pests. Infestations lead to property damage, health impacts, and more, so proper commercial pest control is key to keeping your New England business healthy and thriving. To keep pests away, you need to partner with control experts who can offer you guaranteed protection. Here’s why so many Coventry businesses trust Encon with their property:

  • 30+ Years In New England: We’ve been located in Rhode Island for decades, so we know how to address local pest concerns in ways that bigger, national companies don’t think of. 
  • Customizable Pest Control: Speaking of a unique approach, we don’t lump all of our services into big packages that you may not even need. We tailor our services to your property and what is necessary. 
  • Customer Oriented: We always put customer satisfaction in front of all we do. If you’re not satisfied, we keep working at no extra charge until you are. 

Get started on effective pest control you can trust by contacting Encon today. 

A Practical Ant Prevention Guide For The Coventry Homeowner

Ants can seem pretty much impossible to keep out of your home completely. They are tiny and breed in the thousands, so eliminating the bugs immediately inside your home won’t necessarily do anything to address the larger colony that might be originating outside or under your foundation. That’s why proper ant control is mainly about addressing factors that draw ants to your property in the first place. Here are some of the most important to consider:

  • Attractants: Food and moisture are the two biggest ones, and both can be difficult to account for entirely. Not only can ants forage for crumbs and get inside of stored foods, but they can also scavenge inside your trash. Moisture can also pool or hang in the air around a home, leading to ample hotspots for pest activity. 
  • Access: From tiny cracks and holes in your walls and foundation to gaps below your doors, ants can utilize all access points to get indoors. You should regularly inspect your property inside and out and address any problem areas. 
  • Inspection & Treatment: Part of the way you spot all of these factors is with a trained pair of eyes. Turn to the experts at Encon for pest inspections and treatments that make the whole process a lot simpler. 

Get ant control done the right way by contacting Encon today. 

What Not To Do About Termites On Your Coventry Property

As much as a DIY or even a “hands-off” approach can be problematic for any pest problems, termites are especially not ones you want to try and handle on your own. For one, termite infestations aren’t easy to spot because they tend to be buried within your walls or even below the ground. For another, termite colonies are vast and complex, meaning most elimination methods won’t address the infestation’s root cause. Sure, you may succeed in killing a few of the bugs, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have eliminated the problem. It can easily come right back, bringing even more property damage with it. The smart approach to termite control is to turn to professionals. At Encon, we can detect the signs of termites early, before you are even aware they’re there. This helps to address them quickly and avoid the structural damage their woody diets lead to. We can protect your property from them before they get there with safe and effective treatments designed to ward off termite colonies before they can form. Don’t make the mistake of trying to handle termite control on your own; turn instead to the experts at Encon. 

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