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Bristol, RI Pest Control

Safe Pest Control In Bristol, RI

As one of Rhode Island’s most established towns, Bristol pays homage to its historic roots while also having blossomed into one of the state’s most desirable places to live. In addition to being the home of the oldest Independence Day festivities in the country, Bristol offers residents good public schools, eclectic eateries and shops, as well as enviable waterfront views. Not everything in Bristol is as picture-perfect as it may appear, with the potential for pest problems lurking around every corner.

Since 2006, Encon has been providing Bristol County pest control that is rooted in safety for people and the environment. We offer a comprehensive selection of pest control offerings so that residents never have to worry about pests again. Our team of pest professionals is also state-licensed and insured in order to provide the highest level of service. To learn more about how we can help protect your home or business, contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Bristol

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Since 2006, Encon has been bringing Bristol homeowners the residential pest control that they deserve. We are a team that is equally dedicated to your safety and your success. Our state-licensed and insured pest control experts are equipped to handle any infestation that comes your way. Whether you’re dealing with cockroaches, bed bugs, wildlife, or even ants, we have a solution for you. The products and methods that we turn to are eco-friendly and designed to be humane, which provides you with maximum protection with minimal interruption. For more information on the benefits of residential pest control and to receive your free, no-obligation estimate, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Bristol

At Encon, we know how detrimental pest problems can be for your Bristol business, which is why since 2006, we’ve been providing local businesses with the most reliable commercial pest control. All of our technicians are state-licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best service without a doubt. We treat a wide variety of pests as well, protecting your business from harmful termites to wildlife and cockroaches. During our thorough property inspections, we’ll assess your property for pest activity, entry points, and even conditions that could lead to an infestation. From there, we’ll devise a treatment that’s specified to your needs. If your business can benefit from commercial pest control, contact us today.

Are These Ants On My Bristol Property Dangerous?

Ants are a very common issue in Bristol properties, and as a matter of fact, they’re the most common nuisance pest across the country. While most of the ants that you’re likely to encounter around your home are not dangerous to your health, there are some species that can prove problematic. The red imported fire ant, for example, can be detrimental to your health. Though small in size, these aptly named ants will bite en masse if they perceive a threat. The result of these bites is the injection of venom, which can leave individuals with nausea, fever, excessive sweating, and overall aches. The odorous house ant, which is probably the most commonly encountered species, is capable of leaving behind traces of bacteria that can lead to E. coli infections. There’s also the carpenter ant, which, while not necessarily dangerous to your health, is capable of causing termite-like damage to your home by burrowing in its wood. Regardless of the type of ant you might be facing, all are unwanted in Bristol properties. For more information on safe ant control, contact Encon today.

All The Ways Cockroaches In Bristol Are Harmful To Your Health

When cockroaches gain access to your Bristol home, they can prove very difficult to get rid of. Given their ability to survive for extended periods of time without much sustenance, they have very little reason to ever leave your home. However, even bigger issues arise because of the health hazards that cockroaches are linked with. To start, their presence alone has been known to trigger anxiety and stress in some individuals. This typically comes from the negative connotations associated with having a cockroach problem in the first place.

The byproducts that cockroaches leave behind, like saliva, fecal matter, and shed body parts also have the ability to cause some serious physical health issues. When particles of this nature spread throughout the air, they can lead to asthma attacks and allergic reactions for some. If cockroaches get ahold of your food, they can deposit bacteria into it that may cause streptococcus, salmonellosis, staphylococcus, E. coli infections, and gastrointestinal diseases like dysentery and diarrhea. Because cockroaches are so hard to get rid of, you need a pest expert. At Encon, we specialize in safe and dependable cockroach control. Contact us today for more information on these services.

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