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Why Are There Huge Rats In My Worcester Home?

April 15, 2022 - Rodents

Rhode Island has seen an uptick in rats within the past two years, presumably due to the pandemic as they leave their usual pathways in search of food. Unfortunately, more rats translates to a greater risk of disease in our neighborhoods and cities. Keep reading to learn more about the types of rats in Worcester, MA, and surrounding areas, the diseases rats carry, and the best way to get rid of rats fast.

How Big Can The Rats In Worcester Get?

There are two common types of rats in Worcester: the roof rat and the Norway rat. The roof rat is gray with a white or black stomach and can grow to a total of 16 inches in length, with at least half of this length being its tail. The Norway rat is brown with black scattered throughout and can grow to around 9½ inches long without including its tail which is generally shorter than the length of its body. 

In urban areas, rats can exceed the estimated size that is common for their species when they can find reliable food and safe hiding places. Big rats are more common in densely populated areas because the rats live longer, grow larger, and become more fearsome against potential threats and predators. A theory as to why residents of Worcester are seeing more big rats is that rats that previously didn’t have to venture out into the open to find food and are now being forced to as they become more desperate for food.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Rats On My Worcester Property?

Domestic rodents like roof rats and Norway rats are some of the most prolific carriers of disease among every species of home-invading pest. The diseases rats carry include some of the most dangerous illnesses to have plagued mankind, including the plague, typhus, jaundice, rat-bite fever, trichinosis, and salmonellosis. Several of these diseases are transmitted through the fleas rats carry onto your property.

While these diseases are the more considerable threat, rats can also damage property through chewing. As rodents, their teeth never stop growing and need to be continuously worn down. This means these bucktoothed animals chew through a range of materials like brick, concrete, vinyl, rubber, plastic, aluminum, drywall, wood, and more. This can damage home exteriors, but it can also put dangerous dents in structural beams, and gnawed wires can leave a home at risk of fire.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Rats?

Everyone who has had them knows how hard it is to get rid of rodents. Domestic rodents have spent thousands of years growing acclimated to humans, their traps, their foods, and their way of life. This is just one of many reasons rats are a considerable foe. They are smart, they hide well, and they reproduce quickly enough that slowly weeding out a population with a trap or two isn’t likely to work in the long term.

The Secret To Total Rat Control For Worcester Properties

The best way to get rid of rats fast is with Encon LLC. Domestic rodents are smart, tough, and reactive, making them a difficult pest to eradicate on your own and a dangerous one to deal with using poisons without professional assistance. At Encon LLC, we can get rid of rodents safely, quickly, and effectively while keeping your family and pets safe from pests and poisons. Don’t let domestic rodents jeopardize your health and safety. Call Encon LLC today to get rid of rodents for good. 

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