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Ant Elimination In Rhode Island

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Effective Ant Elimination In Rhode Island

There are many different species of ants that can get into your Worcester, MA, and surrounding areas home and cause problems. A few of these species are carpenter ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants, thief ants, and pharaoh ants. While many of these species are a nuisance, some are dangerous and can spread bacteria that make people sick or cause damage to a home. And although you can treat different ant species with similar products, many of them require a specific approach to remove them effectively. But you don’t have to worry; our technicians at Encon, LLC are trained to identify and treat all common ant species.

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Why You Can Count On Us For Effective Ant Elimination

Although many over-the-counter products are available to treat ants, they are often ineffective and can sometimes make the infestation worse. Instead of wasting money, time, and stress on these products, you can rely on our knowledgeable technicians at Encon. Our products and methods are trusted and proven to remove ant infestations and provide protection against future ones.

Our Ant Elimination Process For Your Home

We always identify the type of ant during our ant elimination process and locate the entry points. Once we do this, we will perform an exterior treatment using a liquid product. For the interior, we use baits if necessary and always place them out of reach from pets and children. Our ant control services in Worcester, MA, and surrounding areas  come with a one-year warranty to ensure that you and your family remain protected against these pests.

To learn more about how we can assist with ants on your property, contact us at Encon.

Other Pests Bothering You? We Can Help With Them Too

We include ant elimination in our maintenance programs. You can receive year-round protection from ants and the other pests that threaten your home when you work with us at Encon for residential pest control services.

Our recurring treatment plans always start with a complete inspection of the property. To identify the type of pest pressures you have. We use our inspection findings to create a custom treatment plan for your specific issues and needs. In general, we perform exterior treatments but treat the interior when needed — for the exterior service using a liquid product, treating the foundation, roofline, windows, doors, and more. If needed, we will lay rodent baits.

For the interior of your home, we don’t use a liquid product but instead place baits out of reach from pets and children when needed. With our recurring treatment plan, you receive in-between services at no extra charge.

You can learn more about our residential pest control services by contacting us at Encon, LLC. We always offer free, over-the-phone quotes, so it is easy to get started with pest control for your home!

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